Cosmic Walk Ritual & Dance

Neighbourhood Unitarian Universalist Congregation hosts a Cosmic Walk Ritual and Dance on the evening before New Year’s Eve 2023. An adapted version of “The Milling” invites people into three silent one-on-one encounters to help people to see each other more fully in their shared humanity. The Cosmic Walk, the centrepiece of the evening, takes us on a ritual journey through the story of the universe and of the Earth from the Big Bang to the present day. It celebrates the new story of creation, the scientific story, as our creation story. We end with an Invocation of the Beings of the Three Times and an invitation to each participant to light a candle as they express their commitment to beings past, present, and/or future. Music credits: - Gathered Here, by Phillip A. Porter - She Is Not Some God of War, by Sean Thomas, 2022 - Spiralling into the Centre, by Lorna Kohler - We Are the Ones, by Sweet Honey in the Rock Credits: - Design of ritual: Bruce Lyne, Susanne Maziarz, Natalie Zend, based Joanna Macy and friends' The Work That Reconnects as well as the work of Miriam McGillis and John Seed - Design of spiral: Bruce Lyne, Valerie Moysey, Julia Thompson - Service Weaving: Debb Bertazzon - Facilitation: Bruce Lyne, Natalie Zend, Susanne Maziarz - Cosmic Walker: Julia Thompson - Guest Musician: Andrew Kay improvising on singing bowls - Vocals: Susanne Maziarz, Sean Thomas - Piano: Susanne Maziarz, Laura Thomas - Drums: Susanne Maziarz - AV: Gordon Thorne - DJ: Twyla Kowalenko


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