Deepen your Connection

Song, Music, and Art

Music & Creative Arts


Neighbourhood is a place that encourages and celebrates the creative spirit.

Our creativity connects us to ourselves, each other, and allows the soul space for expression and the spirit a place to soar.  We are singers, dancers, writers, painters, crafters, quilters, photographers, poets, musicians…all are welcome here.

Music is a huge part of our culture and, led by our musical director – Susanne Maziarz, we have an enthusiastic and accomplished Spirit Choir, a small and energetic Spirit Band, and often welcome an eclectic group of guest musicians. Both in-house music groups eagerly explore new musical horizons that contribute to musicians’ and listeners’ spiritual growth, within and without the UU hymnal.

Our gifted Art Gallery Curator, Lauren McKinley Renzetti, keeps our beautiful sanctuary filled with rotating art shows. The gallery is open for viewing 7 days/wk.