Music, Music, Music

Community + Talent = Music

Spirit Band


Calling all instrumentalists!

The Spirit Band serves the congregation at a Sunday service every 6 weeks, and rehearses Monday nights from 9 – 10:30 pm. If you are interested in joining the Spirit Band, please contact our Music Director, Susanne Maziarz, to find out how. You can reach her at music (at) nuuc (dot) ca.

When we share music at our Sunday services it is not a performance but a sharing of soul and spirit, made possible by the acceptance and openness of the community. When you sing your heart you can touch people. Music moves!


During the pandemic, we continued to come together virtually to make music and share with the congregation. Here are a selection of some of those videos for you to enjoy.

In the Hearts of You and Me
Samhain, Samhain
Give Light
Turning of the World
Heart Wide Open – Good Enough
23rd Psalm
Circle ‘Round for Freedom
We Shall Be Known
I Choose Love
Wonder Blessing
Has Summer Come Now Dawning
Whoever You Are
The Fire Burns
Return Again