Building a spiritual life in Community

Develop your beliefs and understandings about life's big questions

What We Offer


From Sunday Services to Talent Nights

There’s always something happening at Neighbourhood!

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Sunday Service is Where Our Community Comes Together

Step out of the week’s busyness and deepen into the sacred as we gather to sing, share, and listen. Our services are creative, sometimes experimental – with music and inspiration from many world traditions.

Reflect, light a candle for a joy or concern in your life, and take time to meditate or pray.

Community Events

We put on concerts, talent nights, townhalls, silent auctions and more… Check out what’s coming up next on our calendar.


Come for fun, laughter, learning and fellowship!

Multi ethnic team work over the world.

Children & Family

Who was Buddha? What can I do when I’m sad? Can we play a game today? Lifespan Learning offers families age-appropriate programs for children and youth that encourage them to discover their values, understand the beliefs of others, learn how to make a difference, and have fun. And LL is not just for kids! We also offer activities for parents, to support them on the journey.

Planting the seeds that grow a different kind of life.


Music & Creative Arts

Neighbourhood is a place that encourages and celebrates the creative spirit.  Our creativity connects us to ourselves, each other, and allows the soul space for expression and the spirit a place to soar.  We are singers, dancers, writers, painters, crafters, quilters, photographers, poets, musicians… From beginners to lifelong artists, all are welcome.

Come share your gifts!