Spaces available for rental

Neighbourhood UU Congregation has rental spaces available individually or in combination for a wide range of uses. Our building is fully accessible. If after reviewing the information about our space you are interested in pursuing a rental, please contact our Office Manager, Hala Riad, at

Rafos Hall (sanctuary)

  • Size:  41’X 56’.6”
  • Capacity:280 with Non-fixed Chair, 221 Non-fixed Tables and Chairs & 525 Standing Space.
  • Capacity for Liquor Licensed:  190
  • Suitable for: Weddings, memorials, concerts, screenings, talks, presentations, dances, yoga, etc.
  • Available at an additional cost: AV equipment and technical support for Sound and Zoom livestream broadcast with two-way interactive capability.
  • Piano: Available for additional cost.

Cappuccino Room with Kitchen

  • Size: 18’.2” X 44’.6”
  • Capacity:  92 with Non-fixed Chairs, 72 for Non-fixed Tables & Chairs, 73 Standing Space
  • Capacity for Liquor Licensed: 63
  • Suitable for small function / meeting. Use of kitchen would include all dishes/utensils needed. Glass sliding doors create a division from the larger Rafos Hall area.

Munsch Room (kitchen)

  • Size:  11’.8” X 13’.9”
  • Capacity: Kitchen is only available in combination with a Cappuccino Room rental. Two sinks, full size refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, coffee urn, hot water urn. Linens (tablecloths, tea towels, etc.) are not supplied by Neighbourhood. You must provide your own.

Laurence Room (meeting room)

  • Size:  14’.10” X 18’.6”
  • Capacity:  20
  • This medium-sized meeting room is a general all-purpose use room. It is used for the children’s program during services. Large table allows for gatherings or for art projects.

For all rentals

  • Minimum two hours rental which includes set up & cleaning. Additional time will be charged in 1 hour increments only.
  • All renters must return the space back to the original condition they found it. It is not Neighbourhood’s responsibility to help with setting up or cleaning.
  • Chairs are included.
  • Limited tables are available but included. Any requests for more table should be rented from East End United.
  • Cutlery and dishes included with the kitchen rental (Munsch Room). After use, dishes must be loaded into the dishwasher and turned on. Please do not use any supplies in cupboards/drawers labeled DJC.
  • A single microphone along with speakers is included with the Rafos Hall rental. For a more complex set up for concerts, etc, we do have an AV / sound system available for rental. Please contact the office for more information as rates will have to include personnel to operate the equipment.
  • Special rates for morning events – email the office with your request.
  • Our space can be rented for events that will end by 10pm.
Prohibited Functions & Times
  • Please note that we do not rent out our space for stag and doe parties, political rallies or any function that does not comply with our rental agreement or not-for-profit status.
  • We also do not rent out our church on Sundays until after 2 pm due to church scheduling.
Insurance Cost
  • Proof of liability insurance must be provided for all rentals. The cost of the insurance is paid by the renter to the insurance company not to the church.
Liquor License
  • If alcohol is to be served at the event, the renter is required to obtain the appropriate liquor license and provide proof of same one week prior to the event.