The Spirit Choir

The Spirit Choir is a group of spirited singers who come from a wide variety of musical backgrounds and experience. We aim to be inclusive to all regardless of previous choir or musical experience.   You do not need to be able to read music to sing in the choir.  
We sing a diverse selection of music;  one month a Renaissance motet, the next an original folksong, the next a pop hit.  The Spirit Choir serves the congregation in song one Sunday per month and we rehearse Monday evenings from 7-9pm.
When we share music at our Sunday services it is not a performance but a sharing of soul and spirit made possible by the acceptance and openness of the community we are sharing with.  When you sing your heart you can touch people.  Music moves.
Contact our Music Director, Susanne Maziarz, for more info.
Spirit Choir is meeting on ZOOM due to COVID restrictions

Goddess Chant

The Spirit Choir

Blood of the Ancients

23rd Psalm

Spirit Choir

Wonder Blessing

Neighbourhood Spirit Choir

The Fire Burns

The Spirit Choir

Return Again

The Spirit Choir
NUUC members socializing

Virtual Choir

Our Choir is still singing through this pandemic! Check out our virtual works here!