Please join us every Sunday with services beginning at 10:30am. We are located at 310 Danforth Ave – entrance at the corner of Jackman and Hurndale at the rear of the Eastminister church building.

We cast the circle of a sacred space here.

Sunday mornings are when our community comes together to celebrate life, share our joys and concerns and deepen our spiritual growth. From our music to our message of inspiration — no Sunday Service is ever the same! Drop by a few times to get a sense of who and what we are.

Connected, creative, compassionate, committed, courageous and curious. Join us!

 “Beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

 – Rumi

Our services are being offered both online and in person at 310 Danforth in the heart of Riverdale. We begin at 10:30am every Sunday. Please join us. Zoom password all lower case: nuuc

Missed the service? Do you want to revisit a section that you particularly enjoyed? 

Watch the recordings of our current and past services here. Our website is setup to play the most current Sunday service recording in full frame in the window below. To view past services in a full-frame experience, you will need to double click on the thumbnail image of the service you wish to view.

This will take you to full-frame viewing on YouTube which you can play from there. Enjoy!