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This is a summary of our congregation’s Respect & Dignity Policy. It is meant to condense and to clarify our congregation’s policy, to ensure the respect and dignity of every person, and that we are operating within the guidelines of the Ontario Human Rights Code. This policy is not intended to be related to matters of management of employee performance of personnel issues.

We are legally and morally liable for the care and protections of the people involved in our congregation. We must take care to ensure the safety of all members, particularly those who are more vulnerable.

If an incident of perceived harassment occurs, you have two options:

If you feel safe:

  • You can tell the person involved to stop the offending behaviour. You are also encouraged to report the incident to our Minister or one of NUUC’s Board Members. Over 95% of all cases involving perceived harassment are easily handled in an informal way.

If harassment doesn’t stop or if you don’t feel safe:

  • Inform our Minister or NUUC’s Board Members without delay. They will know what to do and seek appropriate assistance.

If you are informally approached and told of an offending behaviour (perceived harassment) stop it immediately. Although your intent might have been harmless, this is a potentially serious situation and we recommend that you discuss the situation with our Minister or one of the Board Members.

If an incident cannot be resolved informally, initiate a formal complaint. The process of filing a formal complaint is outlined in our Congregation Policy (blue document), which is posted on the Community Bulletin Board, near the elevator in the Cappuccino Room.

Respect and Dignity is an issue concerning us all. As we live our values with awareness, the likelihood of offences against the Human Rights code is minimized in our congregation; however, we must remain vigilant in our prevention.