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April 7, 2022

Dear Members of Neighbourhood,

The Interim Selection Team (Helen Armstrong, Beate Hundert, Allison Kabayama, Moira MacDonald, Gordon Thorne) has the following update to share with regard to the Interim Minister Selection process.

The Team continues to work diligently and as of today we have uploaded our Congregational Application for an Interim Minister via the UUA portal. The position information is now being made available to prospective, interested ministers. We expect to begin receiving applications and will commence our review of interested applicants’ information. We intend to invite applicants for interviews to take place at the beginning of May and then we will be conducting reference checks for the top-ranked candidates.

It will be good and helpful to convene a Welcoming Committee made up of members of the congregation who can be available to receive and support our new Interim Minister as they settle into Neighbourhood (and possibly Toronto). Anyone who can be reached either in person, by email, or by telephone for part of August are invited to approach any member of the Team. Housing needs will be communicated and leads on suitable housing will be appreciated.

Additional updates will be shared with membership. If you have specific questions, interest, or information, please feel free to contact us via president@nuuc.ca.

In love and service,

Allison Kabayama

Chair, Interim Selection Team

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February 11, 2022

Dear Members of Neighbourhood,

The Interim Selection Team (Helen Armstrong, Beate Hundert, Allison Kabayama, Moira MacDonald, Gordon Thorne) has initiated the process of finding an interim minister to support our Congregation as it navigates the transition from having had one “settled minister” (Rev. Wayne Walder) to the next settled minister. We are providing the below information to assist in understanding the difference between an Interim Minister and a Settled Minister and why we are taking this path. Other information has previously been provided and you will continue to be updated. Please check your email for previous communication.

Interim—a transitional ministry, most commonly seen to help a congregation move from one settled ministry to the next settled ministry. Most often the duration is 24 months, though occasionally the ministry may be longer or shorter. The interim minister(s) assists the congregation in moving beyond its last ministry and equipping itself for a new, different ministry. This preparation involves helping the congregation look at practices that may or may not be serving them well, assisting through the emotional process of transition, setting sights forward, and connecting the congregation to needed resources. The interim minister is hired by the Board of Directors. Interim ministers cannot be called by the congregation as their next settled minister.

Settled—this minister is called by the congregation (a form of congregational approval and commitment) after a search. Ministers in search for a settled ministry are rarely interested in following a settled ministry without some sort of transitional ministry. Settled ministry is of an unlimited duration, but both minister and congregation would do well to remember that eventually this ministry will end, too.

UU faith support structures such as the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) recognize and assist UU congregations with finding interim ministers. There is also an extensive process which the Interim Minister will assist us with when it is time to prepare for finding our next settled minister.

To assist in this work, the Interim Selection Team would like to hear your opinions as to:

  • What are Neighbourhood’s strengths?
  • What are Neighbourhood’s weaknesses or growing edges?

Please send your feedback to president@nuuc.ca.

In love and service,

Allison Kabayama

Chair, Interim Selection Team

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January 31, 2022

Dear Members and Friends of Neighbourhood,

I am writing to provide updates and more information about the Interim Selection Team and the process we are about to commence to select an Interim Minister. Communication was sent out via email on January 18th asking for anyone who was interested in being a part of the Interim Selection Team.

As a result, an Interim Selection Team (Team) has been formed which is currently comprised of Allison Kabayama, Helen Armstrong, Beate Hundert, Moira MacDonald, and Gordon Thorne. The Team will be making recommendations to the Board regarding the hiring of an Interim Minister, potentially for a 1-year contract with the intention of being able to renew for a second year.

Team members met with Keith Kron, Manager, Transitions Department, of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) on January 27th and will be following an Interim Search process that is well defined by the UUA and is used by most UU congregations in Canada and the US, with support from the UUA and Canadian Unitarian Council. Briefly, the UUA’s Interim Search process gives us access to a pool of UU ministers interested in interim ministry and. The UUA further assists by helping to match congregations with ministers, according to what both parties are seeking. More is explained in an accompanying Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document.

As per the UUA process, the following is an estimate of the timeframes we envision for the various steps in the first phase of the Interim Search work:

Interim Search Team asks Transitions Office to Initiate Interim Search beginning of February

Interim Search Team prepares documents to submit to UUA February – March

Congregational Application Deadline April 21

Receipt of list of and packets from interested interim ministers May 2

Interviews with interim ministers May 3 – May 15

Response to UUA re: list of candidates May 16

First offer date/offers extended by Search Team to interim ministers May 18

If for some reason we are not successful in a match then there is a second round of offers which would commence directly thereafter. Get more information about the full process here.

The Minister Settlement Handbook outlines the separate and much more involved process of searching for a Settled Minister which would begin approximately six (6) months after the arrival of the Interim Minister. You can expect a fulsome process which will require extensive community consultation including Listening Circles, hearing the potential ministers’ messages, meet ‘n’ greets, and decision to hire by Congregational vote, etc. The search/hiring committee for the Settled Minister is typically comprised of seven to nine members and will be composed with a view to ensuring a broad and varied perspective. Current Team members may or may not continue to serve when that step begins. All members of our Congregation will be invited to express interest in serving closer to that time.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to email president@nuuc.ca.

In love and service,

Allison Kabayama, NUUC Board President