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One Community, Many Paths

We are many different people, many different families, many different beliefs, ages and backgrounds together in one spiritual community.

Connected, creative, compassionate, committed, courageous and curious. Join us!

Riverdale Toronto

Your Spiritual Home in the Heart of Riverdale

Neighbourhood is a vibrant and growing liberal faith community in east Toronto. Our mission is to empower spiritual growth and shared action for the care of our world. Our members hold many different beliefs. Neighbourhood is where we meet to explore them together, challenge ourselves, and learn from each other.


Bring your whole self, questions, mind and heart!

Our Beliefs

Our philosophy is that beliefs and values should fit individuals. There is no need to fit into the religious values of others. For us, the whole world is our sacred text. This means our community is packed with a wide array of perspectives and beliefs.  

In our services we use readings from all the world’s faiths, from poetry, philosophy, science and from beautiful prose. It’s not always easy to deal with so many different views, but it leaves us richer than any of us could be on our own.

Spiritual growth

“I found a welcoming and caring community of fellow parents and wise elders–the village it takes to raise a child.”

Laura Thomas

NUUC members socializing

A Home For Your Spirit

For us, membership means being part of a community where we practice spirituality, learn new skills, compassion and care for our world. We offer a spiritual curriculum, learning through groups, community participation, friendship, social connections and leadership opportunities. We will never pressure anyone to join. We encourage people to take all the time they need before they decide. We encourage you to attend our services, allow your children to participate in our youth programs and consider how well Unitarian Universalism fits your personal beliefs.

Join our welcoming community!

Community Events & Fundraising

Fun fundraising events, such as our yearly Silent Auction and Concert Series, play a big role while sharing with the wider community.

We are very grateful for the ongoing generosity of our members and friends who make financial contributions to support our programs and operations. There are multiple ways to donate and get involved at Neighbourhood.

Thank you for your support for Neighbourhood’s services, programs, and for our work in the wider world.

Silent auction at NUUC
NUUC Spirit Choir

Your spirituality, your way

Small groups at Neighbourhood seek to help participants learn to act and work in a group, as well as deepen our spiritual friendship. Weekly meditation and our Spirit Choir are regular small groups. But we’ve also held small groups around managing conflict, book study, yoga, prayer, creativity and spirituality and other topics of interests to members. You can make your Neighbourhood experience what you want it to be!

Join us and share in a safe environment!